Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OpenSolaris Security BoF on 23 July 2009 8PM!

8:00pm Thursday, 07/23/2009

OSOSOS - Offering Security in OpenSource Operating Systems
Location: Ballroom A3/A6

Moderated by: Christoph Schuba

Many operating system security mechanisms are necessary for
developers to build secure software. While this session presents a few
such mechanisms available and under development in OpenSolaris, it
primarily seeks the dialogue and discussion how important these features
are and how they compare to those of other OSes.

Speakers will do short talks on the Cryptographic Framework (Valerie Fenwick - that's me!), Priveleges (Scott Rotondo) and Zones/TX (Glenn Faden), followed by a panel from all presenters, plus Christoph Schuba and Glenn Barry (Kerberos guru).

BoFs are free, you just need to register for the expo pass (also free!)

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