Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Not So Silent Night

Made it to Live 105's Not So Silent Night this year (finally!) on Friday night. Show was great! We missed the local band and Taking Back Sunday, but got there in time to catch a great set from Muse. The Killers had some serious sound issues - it was all kick drum! They sounded much better from outside than they did inside the pavilion - I couldn't stand listening to them, even with my ear plugs in. Franz Ferdinand was outstanding - very high energy. There was an amazing impromptu set from Lyrics Born - it's always very impressive when a rapper manages to sound better live than they do produced. Modest Mouse was disappointing. MM just couldn't get their act together - huge delays between each song, dragging the show to a halt. I would've loved to have heard some of their less mainstream stuff, but they didn't seem to get to it before I got bored and left.

Now I've just got to wade through the thousands of new email messages I have - and that's just at work!

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