Monday, January 8, 2018

2017: Year in Review

What a year! I can't even begin to remember everything that happened, but here are some highlights and lowlights.

  • After 20 years, I left Sun/Oracle and joined Intel as a Director of Software Engineering of Security Solutions Enablement for Data Center.  A long title that means my team works on security related projects, like Open Security Controller, that enable security on the Data Center. 
    • I worked at Intel 21 years before, as an intern in their Folsom Engineering Services group (as an admin for Win 3.1, WinNT, Win95, AIX, Irix, SunOS and Solaris).  It was oddly like like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes coming back, but at the same time a very different company. A much faster moving place, a more inclusive place and more inventive place.
    • My team has released two versions of Open Security Controller (0.6 and 0.8) this year! (like I said, fast moving!)
  • I was appointed to the City of Mountain View's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, where I get to advise the City Council on such things like: transit projects, walk-ability of new building projects, how to improve dangerous and deadly intersections, and where to spend budget to improve biking and walking.  It's pretty fun! The committee definitely has diverse opinions and I have found the last twelve months on the committee to be quite a learning experience.
  • I demonstrated, with my Oracle team, PKCS#11 and KMIP on Solaris at the RSA Conference Expo in San Francisco in February 2017.
  • I read 24 books, covering 7,937 pages.
  • I recorded the narration for 8 audio books for Learning Ally. These books are for the blind and others with reading disabilities.
  • I did a police ride-a-long with the Mountain View Police Department! I was amazed at the officers compassion, how well they treated the citizens and how they were quick to de-escalate a situation.  I watched an officer arrest a man who had been drinking "since the early morning" and then brandished a knife at another man at Walmart. The man was belligerent when first approached, yelling and gesticulating.  The officer used calm tones, did a quick and calm search, secured the gentleman and proceeded with his investigation. I watched a situation go from tense to calm in a heartbeat. Yes, I used the word calm repeatedly - but that is the best way to describe what the officer did.
  • I was on the Crypto Review Board for BlackHat USA, and got to attend!!
  • Additionally, I was on the program review boards for International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC) and GreHack!
  • I presented on PKCS#11 version 3.0 at ICMC.
  • I became secretary of the PKCS#11 technical committee, a role change from co-chair.
  • I reviewed scholarship applications for Learning Ally Scholars - every one of the students was incredible!
  • My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in Sausalito, CA.
  • I saw all of my siblings and my parents this year! Most more than once! I didn't see enough of my nieces and nephews, though...  
  • I did a few more Murder Mysteries, did photography for a couple of shows, and sang with the Lyric Victorian Carolers.
  • Overall, I volunteered more than 179 hours.
  • I went skiing!
  • I stayed alive!
  • I lost my uncle, Dan Bubb, my Dad's brother, to pneumonia.
  • My dear friend Elisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in October and Comcast let her husband go from his job (along with the rest of his division) in December - just before Christmas.  Her battle continues, please consider donating.
  • I suffered a major health crisis myself - on my first day of work at Intel, where I learned another highlight: Intel is a compassionate company, they were there when I needed them and helped me to get back on my feet and hit the ground running in my new role!  And, I didn't die :)
Any lowlights or highlights for you?

Here's to 2018!