Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last weekend for Bye Bye Birdie!

Since I last wrote, I was cast in Saratoga Drama Group's production of Bye Bye Birdie! This was a surprise, because I was asked at the audition if I could tap dance and do the splits - neither of which I can, but I was still cast as Gloria Rasputin, a woman who has a tap solo that ends in the "flying" splits! As the summer progressed, I worked with dancer friends & yoga teachers to start getting to the splits - finally accomplishing a "jazz split". Close enough, apparently - *phew*!

Rehearsals began, and I was originally under the impression that I would only be on stage for a few minutes for this "cameo" role of Gloria Rasputin. After a few rehearsals, the director asked me to start learning the "adult" music, so I could join the chorus of parents when I wasn't being Gloria. Sounds great!

Then one night, the director asked all of us "parents" to learn the teenager songs so we could beef up the volume by singing from the wings. No problem, I said.

A few more rehearsals, and the director asked Carla (another "parent") and myself to additionally be teenagers. Um - Okay!

So, now I am proudly the oldest teenager in the cast - and here I thought my days of playing a teenager were over!When I did finally get to my first rehearsal for the "Gloria" scene, I was surprised when the choreographer, Kayvon (who rocks, btw!) was not there. Once I inquired, I found out I would be choreographing my own tap dance. Apparently, it's very funny when someone doesn't know how to tap stomps furiously across the stage in leapord patterned "hot pants" and a jacket made of purple feathers. The choreographer's favorite part is the "cheetah butt section", which I've been told can never be removed from the dance.

SDG has been fun to work with and I'm so happy to finally be cast in one of their productions after many years of auditioning for them.

So, if you have time tonight, tomorrow or Saturday, come on down & see the show. I promise you'll have a great time! You'll recognize me in my hot pants.