Friday, December 8, 2006

Where does the time go?

I honestly keep meaning to keep this blog more current, but it seems I get distracted doing other work around the office. Oops! Let's see some recent interesting events:

* In June I had an excellent plastic surgeon (a *real* surgeon, not like the Intern that was useless) remove a giant cell tumor from the tip of my finger. I was told this would not affect my ability to work. Um, let's see - had to keep my hand elevated for 72 hours & type one handed. That was just a bit difficult. At least it's good to know that those type of tumors are completely benign, but unfortunately very common for women in my age group and are likely to reoccur. It was a relatively painless surgery, though, and my finger is better than before!

* In July I complained to my eye doctor about blurred vision I'd had for the previous month or so. An exam showed that my left lens was indeed not strong enough, but a detailed exam with the contacts out showed that my prescription had not changed. The problem? An entire box of mislabled contact lenses. I verified this by using a left lens from another box that I had picked up at the same time: vision problem cleared. My eye doctor said she'd never heard of any such thing happening, but I figure if I can buy CDs from a store with the wrong music recorded on it, why not the wrong lens in the container? I'm glad to know I'm not quickly going blind.

* In August we bought a house. Wow, very different than renting! I think I should buy stock in the major DIY stores in our area.

* We hosted for Thanksgiving again, this time our group included a vegetarian and a vegan! Mark made them a nutloaf to go with the veggies (all cooked in olive oil instead of butter) and everyone seemed to have a good time, though I do think I saw the vegetarian grab one of the bacon wrapped sausage appetizers! I made my first pies from scratch (okay, store bought crusts) and they came out really well.

* At work over all these months, I've been busy with Solaris 10 updates, bugtracking issues, working on smartcard related stuff (more on that later) and doing a lot work with the elfsign command.

Speaking of elfsign, I've got more work to do in that arena. Unfortunately, the work I'm doing is all around US export compliance and the source is still closed. We're constantly in touch with legal hoping things will change, but I'm not holding my breath at this point.