Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ICMC16: Interested in FIPS? Register now!

I'm giving two talks this year, one on random number generation and the other on backdoors, and how they are relevant to FIPS 140 validations, at the International Cryptographic Module Conference in May 2016.  The conference this year will be up in Ottawa, Canada, which is pretty exciting for me, as I've never been there!

If you work for a validation lab or consulting firm, you're probably already registered - but this conference is particularly important for developers who are trying to pass a validation now or sometime in the future.  I know the conference organizers would love to see more real world users of FIPS 140-2 validated software and hardware as well, so if that's you - come check it out this year!

And the conference goes well beyond simply discussing FIPS 140-2/ISO 19790 - I've seen talks on new algorithms, hardware security,  general cryptography and entropy, and various attacks.

As an added bonus for you, you can register at 20% off using my speaker code: SPDI. Register soon, while early bird rates are still in effect, for added savings.

hope to see you there!