Friday, November 10, 2017

Open Security Controller v 0.8.0 Released!

I am proud to announce that my team, and the OSC Community, have released the latest version of the Open Security Controller, version 0.8.0!

Open Security Controller (OSC) is a software-defined security orchestration solution that automates deployment of virtualized network security functions, like next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention systems and application data controllers.  This is our second release, and second release this year!

The new big features include:
  • OpenStack Ocata support, and we continue to support Newton as well
  • Kubernetes beta support - check it out and give us feedback
  • Neutron Service Function Chaining beta support
  • Multi-policy support
  • Expose IP/Mac addresses for security group members
  • Open source of our test automation!
Please do check out our release notes for more information, come on over to visit us on github, and join the community!

Job well done!