Friday, August 29, 2014

GHC14: Seeking Online Community Volunteers!

First and foremost: I will be attending the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing again this year! I missed last year, so I am excited to be coming back!

Second: I am co-chairing the Online Community Committee again with Gail Carmichal, and we need volunteer bloggers, note-takers (on the wiki), wiki managers, tweeters, LinkedIn group managers, video bloggers, etc - so we can capture all of the content for those who were unable to get a pass to the conference this year.

Also - we could you remote volunteers to help manage questions from other volunteers, manage the online groups and keep the wiki free of spam.  So, even if you can't attend, if you are available to help before and during the conference - we want you!

We are accepting applications through September 8, 2014 - please sign up sooner than later, so we can get you set up well ahead of the conference start!  Apply now!


Valerie Fenwick
Online Communities Committee Co-Chair

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Success! Team Salty Dawgs Do Marin!

We did it!  Mark, Mike and I completed the 100K Marin Century Route on Saturday, August 2.  Mike noticed at the last rest stop that the route was actually only 57 miles, so Mark and I added a 20 minute loop at the end of the ride to make sure we got our full 62 miles in.

Stats: Since April, I rode 900 miles, burned 36,204 calories and rode for 75 hours and 35 minutes to train for this 100K ride to raise money for the American Lung Association.

Results: I rode 62 miles, climbed 3830 feet, and burned 2360 calories in 6 hours and 15 minutes. (that includes time at rest stops).

Best results: I raised nearly $4500 for the American Lung Association of California, and Oracle will be chipping in about another $1500 in matching donation.  I have been overwhelmed with everyone's generosity.

Not bad for a woman who thought she'd never ride a bicycle again just 3 years ago!

The ride was fabulous, and the rest stops had the best food! They had all the standards: m&ms, nuts, chips, cookies, PB&J and Gatorade.  But then they had even more: focaccia bread, brie, strawberries, figs, beef jerky, peaches, grapes, cherries, coffee cake and more.

That really helped me avoid stomach cramps while I rode (more fruit, less heavy/fatty stuff).

The day started out cool and nice (and missing Mike, who started 38 minutes after us...)

Mark beat me to the Big Rock (he appears to be being very silly)

but I got there eventually...

We did see a little bit of sun and Mark warmed up enough to take off his arm warmers, though they came back on for some of the descents.

Mike did find us and ride with us for a lot of the ride - completing Team Salty Dawgs!

We were still grinning at the finish!

Photos courtesy of Captivating Sports and Event Photos!

I couldn't have done this with out the support of my friends and family, and without Mike and Mark.  Mark even pushed me a bit up the steepest climb - I think he was getting bored.

I felt like I could've easily done another 10 miles... with more training, maybe next year I can try 100 miles...

THANK YOU!!  Valerie