Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interesting George Takei interview

I listened to a great interview on the Adam Carolla Podcast yesterday of George Takei, who you all know as helmsman Sulu on the original Star Trek television series, but he is really a very interesting man once you get past the cheese factor of that classic science fiction show.  George has been interviewed in the past by Adam Carolla, so he did not go into great detail of his time living in a Japanese internment camp in California during World War II, but his recollections of soldiers removing his family from their home at gun point, of losing his home, of his father losing his business - are all heart rending.  Back in the midwest, I had never really heard much about this shameful part of US history, and I was surprised to get such a lesson from an Adam Carolla podcast, but it was compelling and I do recommend you give this edition a listen.

On a completely unrelated note, when I got home last night from watching Grease in San Francisco, I was dismayed to find a snail pigging out at my little seedlings that I had put out yesterday morning for "hardening".  I lost a couple of pepper plants and all of one kind of basil. I had started those from seeds weeks ago and they were the ones that were actually doing well. Stupid snail.

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  1. There WERE a few good eggs during this dark time. Colorado governor Ralph Carr (a Republican, mind you) stood up to public opinion as best he could. It was exceptional behavior given the time he did this, and it cost him a possible Senate seat. (I remember visiting Denver in HS and hearing about Gov. Carr.)
    One other mild bright side... the California Governor who ordered internment (Earl Warren) became the Chief Justice who issued Brown vs. Board of Education (I wonder if he learned from his WWII-era mistakes?).