Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adam Carolla and Me

I guess it's safe to say that I am a huge Adam Carolla fan. I've listened to him on Loveline, watched him on the Man Show and the Adam Carolla project, listened to his CBS radio show, and never miss a podcast (even listen to Car Cast, where I am actually learning about cars).

That being said, I couldn't believe I didn't know Adam Carolla was coming to San Jose! On Thursday afternoon, I caught a tweet from the San Jose Improv and canceled our previous plans and asked my husband if he wanted to come with me (as I was going, alone or not!)  We got there early for dinner, which got us front row seats.  It was like having a private conversation with the Ace man for nearly 2 hours. He was funny, charming and brought lots of new material to the stage.  Having the extra component of a slide show (so we really could see exactly what Adam was ranting about) made it all that much more entertaining.

I even nodded along as Adam ranted at me that, as a woman, I need to know that when my husband just starts saying "will do. will do.... will do." (ala Dr. Drew Pinsky), it means he wants to get off the phone.  Don't worry, Adam, I promise I will!

Adam Carolla

I am a good/bad audience member (depending on your perspective), because if you're funny, I will laugh uncontrollably. Thursday night, I nearly went into coughing fits due to my manic laughter :-)

If you get a chance to see him live, don't miss it. It's a great show and Adam takes the time after the show to meet, greet, sign books, and take pictures (as long as you're quick!)

Get it on!

Oh, and thanks to my husband, for being indulgent, riding his bike home at a frantic speed so we could make the express train to San Jose, and holding my place in the autograph line while I ran to the bathroom :-)

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