Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chairman's Award winner! Yipee!!!

Every year, Scott McNeally and the executive staff give out a handfull of awards for outstanding contributions and innovations. This year, the Solaris Cryptographic Framework for Solaris 10 was awarded one of the prizes! This is an amazing recognition for all of our efforts and the great benefits the crypto framework can bring to developers and ISVs!

Our team got to spend the entire morning with the executive staff, in attendance at the virtual leadership conference, and we all got to shake Scott's hand and get our pictures taken with the award.

Afterwards, the executive staff provided a boxed lunch with an executive at every table. I was fortunate enough to get to sit with Jonathan Schwartz and Anil Gadre. Both of these men were very open to listening to feedback from the "normal" employees at the table and actually seemed interested.

Now I'm just waiting for people in the field to really start playing with the Solaris Cryptographic Framework and giving us feedback. C'mon - we're waiting!