Monday, May 16, 2005

Sun's employees are amazingly generous!

I am currently raising funds for the Bike4Breath's 2 Rock Ride (I'm doing 65-miles!) and I am just amazed at how incredibly generous Sun employees are. Even in these tight times, not one person I've asked for a donation has said no. And I've just been flabbergasted at just how giving each person is. Wow!!

I did two training rides this weekend. First was just starting from home, going to the Alpine Inn, down to Sun Menlo Park, and home again - *whew*. Yesterday, I went to Hecker Pass in Gilroy, started out at Fortino Winery, then road all around through that beautiful area, winding through
Morgan Hill and getting back to Fortino just in time to pick up a couple of bottles of their wonderful Zinfandel.

I did just about 60 miles this weekend. I have to somehow work this up to 65-miles in one ride in the next two weeks. Yikes!

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