Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First game of the season - a win!

So, I'm too busy this summer to actually commit to any softball team as a full time player, but I am a sub on two teams. Last night was my first time playing with the Menlo Park 'Freaks', and besides being very cold outside, it was an excellent game. My fielding didn't totally suck, and I actually got a hit *and* got on base *and* progressed a runner (instead of one of us getting out). Pretty amazing. All the same, I need to get to a batting cage if I'm going to play anymore! My hitting was ... well... subpar. Fortunately, this was a really cool team to play with and everyone was very supportive. That's critical for me, because I'm not a serious player (obviously) so I'm only playing to have fun, and fun it definitely was. We won, 18-10. Yippee!

Other than softball, I've been riding my bike a lot. Just rode it 5 days in a row, at least 20 miles on each day. I need to get close to 60 before the big Bike 4 Breath ride at the end of May.

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