Friday, January 20, 2006

Time flies when you've got good music

I've been reintegrating myself back into the Solaris Security community over the last couple of weeks, and doing a bit of traveling. (note: Canada is very cold in January). I'm working on writing up some stuff for how-to on the crypto framework, and considering doing a submission for our internal tech conference in May.

Today I've been listening over & over again to the Dogs Die In Hot Cars debut album "Please Describe Yourself". The songs are incredibly catchy - I'm already humming along (thank goodness I have the door shut). "I Love You 'Cause I Have To" and "Celebrity Sanctum" are very fun. The bands website claims they are indescribable, saying they were influenced by Nirvana & Red Hot Chili Peppers. Well, they don't sound a thing like those other bands, but are incredibly reminscient of XTC with their melodic harmonies & bright guitar.

Yesterday's CD of choice was the soundtrack to SPAMalot. Wow - what fun! The is different than when I saw the show in 2004 in Chicago (before it "premiered" on Broadway), but every bit as enjoyable. I love all of the Diva songs - especially "The Song That Goes Like This".

I'm coming to the realization that my CD collection has reached well beyond the limits of what I can actually reasonably listen to. I'm constantly finding CDs on my shelf that I totally forgot I had purchased. It might be time to go more portable and get an MP3 Player. Of course, realizing how I can be quite lazy, I think I'd need to go for a very large MP3 player so I can hold most of my CDs. This may be a time consuming process, but will let me experience some old favorites like Carter the USM, Front242, Ministry, Shawn Colvin & Annie Lennox, that are currently gathering dust.

Of course, that would mean getting a decent home computer to drive the ripping... hmmm, this is getting expensive. For now I'll just keep rotating my CDs at the office :-)


  1. "Canada is very cold in January":
    Not this year, at least not yet; today we probably broke the record high temperature for this date in Toronto: +11C (record high is/was 11.1C in 1988). It feels like spring :-)

  2. Yup, I'd second the "Dogs Die In Hot Cars" sentiment (I like "Lounger") As for CDs and the perils of moving to digital audio, I can only say "Yes! Absolutely - go for it!" Having accumulated a wall-full of CDs at home, switching to an mp3 player, (of an undisclosed, and wildly popular brand that rhymes with 'snapple') I've listened to a wider variety of stuff than ever before, and heard things from the darkest depths of my record collection that I'd completely forgotten about. Shuffle-play is a Good Thing, oh, and Gtkpod works on Solaris, which is a definite plus. (I've got Carter USM lurking around those depths as well, btw. though it hasn't hit shuffle play in a while, hmmm...)