Friday, April 21, 2006

Dive Bar tour of Mountain View!

Last Saturday night, my friends and I embarked on a walking tour of the dive bars on El Camino in Mountain View. We started out at the 101 Club, only to find that this very classic Mountain View dive had closed its doors just a couple of months ago. Pity.

So we walked up to Ugly's. Ugly's had a surprisingly modern digital jukebox, playing jazz, rock, country - well, a bit of everything! The bartender was very friendly & quick, and the drinks were reasonably priced. They have lots of good beer, including Fat Tire, on tap. It was a small & cozy place, but we didn't stay long because there were more bars to explore!

Next we hit Ron's Farmhouse. True to its name, it had a country theme inside, though it was definitely not a country western club. It was Karaoke night at the Farmhouse, which will always bring out an ecclectic crowd. The rotations were short, the song selection was good and the singers were, well, Karaoke singers. I don't think any of us should be expecting recording contracts any time soon ;-). This was a large place, with snacks on the bar. The drinks were tasty and again reasonably priced, but no beer on tap.

We've previously toured the dive bars on Middlefield Road, but I feel there are many more we just need to walk in and see what's inside. My favorite is probably still Fred's Place. Big bar, imports on tap, friendly bartenders and a pool table. :)

Since then I've been trying to get caught up & trying to nurse my grandmother's cat, Queenie, back to health. Unfortunately, he had FIP which is untreatable and fatal. We lost Queenie Tuesday morning, just after finally receiving a diagnosis. He will be sorely missed.


  1. Ha! Great write up. If you care to venture a little down the road, I know of a few more bars in Sunnyvale, that I've been meaning to check out, but with a little kid in the house now, its a little hard to get out.

    Perhaps you could give another report. There's "The Office Bar" kitty corner from the El Camino Hospital construction near 85 (Apparently they even have a Web Site

    Then there's "Beefy's Cabin" (or just "Beefy's" in the yellow pages) on Grape Ave.

    And lastly there's the "Blue Max" down a bit farther on El Camino.

  2. Hi Watt -

    We're mostly focusing on places we can walk to right now, but perhaps we'll have a Sunnyvale trip in the future!


  3. My dad just reminded me about Walker's Wagon Wheel - now called Wagon Wheel Casino (if its
    still open). Its down Middlefield, closer to
    Ellis. May be a good one to bike to from our houses. : )