Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peaches en Regalia

My husband and I had the pleasure to see Peaches en Regalia from Wily West Productions at the Stage Werx Theater in San Francisco last weekend.

This is a new work, being presented for the first time as two acts. It's a sweet play revolving around the ever changing life of the title character, Peaches, who has recently taken a job at a restaurant where they serve... wait for it... Peaches en Regalia.

Sarah Moser, as Peaches, takes the stage by storm with her opening monologue which describes college, her internship at a financial institution and why she decided to take a job at a diner. Moser is energetic and her monologue comes to life as the other actor's help her reenact scenes from her recent past.

The hilarity continues when Philip Goleman comes into the diner as Norman and then gives us a hilarious monologue on bathroom etiquette and working on his flirting skills.

Of course, the two come together. The fast paced and delightful show moves along as Nicole Hammersla (Joanne) and Cooper Carlson (Syd) fill in the picture. Joanne has a nervous tic (picking at her sweaters) and Syd is a soft-hearted republican.

This was a wonderful production that will keep you entertained throughout! Even with a short 10 minute intermission, the show was still about 90 minutes running.
Definitely worth a trip up to San Francisco!

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