Monday, November 21, 2011

Joinging the Lyric Carolers this year!

As I'm not quite up to dancing, yet, I was excited to find another venue for getting to perform - The Lyric Carolers!

The Lyric Theatre typically performs Gilbert and Sullivan light operas, or other similar period type pieces, but what to do after their fall show closes and their spring show opens? Why, sing holiday carols!

I successfully auditioned and joined the group this year. What an honor to be with such amazing singers! I even have a wonderful Victorian costume and bonnet to wear for the season. The bonnet's got a bird on it. Yes, a bird! :-)

We're still available for booking large groups of singers and small. Whether you're looking for a simple quartet to lighten up your holiday party, or the full choir for your corporate event - we can do it all!

To book, simply fill out the booking form, or send mail to ask any questions.

All proceeds go to supporting the theater's regular efforts.

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