Friday, July 6, 2012

New job!

Okay, I haven't written for awhile - and boy, have I had things to write about! But, I've suddenly found myself much more busier than normal.  I've taken a new position at Oracle, I'm now managing the Solaris Cryptographic Technologies team.

That's right. I'm a manager now.  I've done it. Gotten the lobotomy. Working on my pointy hair.

I'm sure you've heard me say that I've been a manager before... at a record store and a dollar store.  The biggest management concerns we had at both were: hiring people that could count, knew the alphabet, weren't mean to the customers, and didn't steal too much.

Managing software engineers is, obviously, very different, but a natural progression from the team leadership I've been doing for a few years.  It's hard work - much longer hours, and the price for screwing up is more severe.

So, my postings have gone down - I'm using this to break the ice again, so to speak.

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