Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ICMC16: The Current Status and Entropy Estimation Methodology in Korean CMVP

Yongjin Yeom, Kookmin University;Seog Chung Seo, National Security Research Institute

NSR is the only company testing in Korea.

We have vendors, testing authority and certification authority. NSR tests according to Korean standards. NSR develops and standardized testing methodology with vendors.

KCMVP started in 2005, using their own standard. Staring in 2007, leveraged international standards.

116 modules have been validated. There are more software validations than hardware validations. Most of the software validations have been in C and Java.

The process overview of KCMVP looks very similar to CAVP combined with CMVP in the US/Canadian schemes. There are algorithm verification, tests of the self tests, etc ;)

They have a CMVP tool to automatically verify algorithm correctness.

Just like here, there are big concerns about entropy sources. It's hard to get entropy to scale, so they want to discover the limits of entropy source.

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