Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ICMC16: Secure Access with Open Source Authentication

Donald Malloy, LSExperts

For years, Mastercard and Visa said the cost to implement the chips in cards cost more than the fraud, but that has all changed in recent years.  EMV (Chip and Pin) is being rolled out in the US, which will push the US fraud to online (can't use the chip).

Fingerprints are non-revocable. Someone can get them from a picture or hacking into a database.

OATH is an industry consortium, the algorithms are free to use.

They have started a certification program, so we can verify that vendor tokens work together.

Why is OTP still expensive? Comes in soft tokens, hard tokens, usb tokens, etc.  Cost per user has consistently been too high, manufacturers continue to have a business model that overcharges the users. OATH is giving away the  protocols - so why still so much?

working with LinOTP - fast and free.

Since biometrics are irrevocable, how do we get stronger passwords? Could we use behaviour analytics? type a phrase and the computer will know it's you.


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