Thursday, May 18, 2017

ICMC17: Penetration Testing: TLS 1.2 and Initial Research on How to Attack TLS 1.3 Stacks

Scapy TLS: A scriptable TLS stack, Alex Moneger, Citrix Systems

TLS is the protocol that secures the internet, and there are very few alternatives. It's a session layer protocol for other protocols, and it is very complex. Sure, you can implement it in 3 weeks - but will you get it right?

TLS is under scrutiny and there is growth in the number of attacks and their frequency.

 We need to make sure we understand the attack properly and understand the practical impact. How reproducible is the attack? how can we fix it and make sure it stays fixed? Customers often don't understand the impact or how to fix.

Scapy TLS is TLS & DTLS scriptable stack built above scapy. It's as stateless as possible, includes packet crafting and dissecting and crypto session handling.

The goals of the project are to make sure it's easy to install and use to simplify discovery and exploitation of TLS vulnerabilities - very customizable.

We then got to see some code - it looks very simple to use.

The theory here is you can use this tool to help work on PoCs faster. It's on GitHub :)

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