Thursday, May 10, 2018

ICMC18: Avoiding Burning at Sunset - Future Certification Planning in Bouncy Castle

Avoiding Burning at Sunset – Future Certification Planning in Bouncy Castle (S22b) David Hook, Director/Consultant, Crypto Workshop, Australia

If you end up on the FIPS 140-2 historiaal list, you cannot be used for procurement by any Federal Agencies.  Agencies trying to do so must go through a risk management decision in order to do so. It is also getting harder to rebrand or relabel someone else's certification.

If you've only done basic maintenance, that won't 'reset the clock' on your validated module - you have to do at least a 3 SUB, which is not a full validation, but still a lot of work. The key is the module must comply with current requirements.

Java has moved to "6 month" release cycles with periodic LTs releases. SOme of the new algorithms, such as format-preserving encryption and new expandable output functions do require revamping the API.  And.. post quantum... need to consider.

We had to split the Java effort into 3 streams - a 1.0.X stream representing the current API and 1.1.X representing the newer API.

the plan is we can do updates to the 1.0.X stream with minimal retesting. The 1.1.X stream will require recompilation and more work.

All of the updates have to comply with the current Implementation Guidance, which is changing at unspecified rates.  A wise product manager will want to keep this in mind when doing long term planning.

Premier support for Java 9 finished in March 2018 and premier support for Java 10 finishes in September 2018.  Java 11 will be supported until September 2023, extended support until September 2026.

there is now an add on for Java FIPS to allow use of post-quantum key exchange mechanisms with KAS OtherInfo via SuppPrivInfo.

Bouncy Cancel 1.0.2 will still be targeting Java 7, 8 and 11. The older versions are still very popular. Will be doing a correction to X9.31 SHA-512/256 (8 plus 1 is 10?). Who uses this? Banks... Will also be adding SHA-3 HMAC, SHA-3 signature algorithms.

BC-FJA 1.1.0 will have updates for format preserving encryption (SP 800-38G), CSHAKE, KMAC, TupleHash and ParallelHash (SP 800-185), ARIA, GOST and CHaCha20, Poly1305. Avoiding some algorithms due to patents - trying to chase down someone to talk to who can speak for the patent holders. (acquisitions make this hard...)

We now have a bunch of Android ports - stripy castle. Could not use any other name, because Google's use of org.bouncycastle as well as the org.spongycastle.

C# 1.0.1 is closer to Java 1.0.2 in some respects. We are still concentrating on the general use API. Assuming enough intersst we will do a 1.0.2 release to fix X9.31, complete SHA-3 support and complete ephemeral KAS support.

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