Friday, May 11, 2018

ICMC18: Keys, Hollywood and History: The Truth About ICANN and the DNSSEC Root Key

Keys, Hollywood, and History: The Truth About ICANN and the DNSSEC Root Key (U31c) Richard Lamb, Self-Employed, United States

Started with a segment about the Internet phone book from a television show.  Richard notes they got a lot of things right, but instead of breaking up the code into 7 cards - there are indeed 7 smart cards and 7 people all over the world that help ICANN.

Did a quick demonstration of how DNS works in the room, and learned about how important it truly is. Dan Kaminsky's DNSSEC exploit at DefCon 2008 at least drew attention to how important DNS is.

the other source of trust on the Internet is CA Certificate Roots, and encourage all web traffic to be encrypted.

Four times a year, people really do get together to do a public key ceremony. You can come watch if you want - just like they said in TV!  There are at least 12 people involved in the key ceremony, due to the thresh holding schemes by HSM vendors. The members must be from all over the world, cannot be all (or even mostly) Americans. They are Trusted Community Representatives (TCRs).

The Smart Cards are stored in a credential safe. The HSM is in a separate safe, there are iris scans available.  It is all live recorded and in a secure room. Process is certified. Shielded spaces, protected tamper evident bags (changed bags after someone was able to get into the bag w/out evidence).

The presentation moved very fast and lots of interesting things in there - can't wait to get access to the slides.

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